Our New Project & Moodboard Function

To help alongside our sample service we have built a new, exciting function into our website which allows you to save veneers under a specific project. Under each project you can have as many moodboards allocated to this as you like. These moodboards could be broken down by room or colour tone for example. 

Below is a step by step guide highlighting how to use our project and moodboard function however if you require further assistance any member of our Sales Team would be more than happy to help talk you through the process. Please do contact our Sales Team for assistance on 01823 666175 or alternatively email [email protected].

Lets get started! 

Setting up a Project

To be able to use this function you will need to create an account for our website. To do this follow the link to register with us. 

Now you have created your account and logged in, you can start to set up a project. To do this, hover over the 'My Account' tab on our main menu and click projects. From here you can add new projects and input details about the specification should you want to create a description. 

Setting up Moodboards to link to your project

To create a moodboard to allocate to your project the first thing to do is to start looking through our vast array of Natural veneers and the Tabu pre-dyed veneers using our veneer finder. Make sure not to miss our 'Wall Art' veneer collection. 

Request samples of any veneer that catches your eye and these will collate in these 'My Samples' section of the website. From this area, you can view those you have already selected or remove any if you have changed your mind. 

You can either request samples of these veneers from 'My Samples' or add these to a moodboard. Once you have saved these to a moodboard you can then rename this, for example 'Kitchen' and allocate this to your already created project. You can create as many moodboards as you like under one project! 

For a more visual overview of how this works please see the below diagram. 

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