Edgebanding, Lippings and Layons

Lipping is a generic term for a product used to finish the edges of a veneered panel. Edgebanding is a type of Lipping and usually lies flat against the side of the panel.

We can supply edgebanding in any of the veneers in the natural and Tabu ranges although minimum order quantities will apply to non-stock options.

Edgebanding is available in the following options:

Thickness: 0.6 mm   1 mm   1.5 mm  2 mm   2.5 mm

Width:      22 mm standard (other widths available on request)

Pre-Glued or Un -Glued

Minimum Order: 500LM (5 Rolls)  



Layons consist of veneer sheets which have been stitched together to form much larger veneer sheets. Layons are available with any of the veneers in the natural and Tabu ranges. Please contact us for further details.


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Technical recommendations

Before ordering please read the technical recommendations for use.

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