Palm Black 1mm

Specie: Iriartea deltoidea

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Thickness: 1mm

Min Order Qty: 1 Bundle

Price Range: £££

Additional Notes:

Black Palm veneer is manufactured from Iriartea palmbil palm trees grown in South America. Like Bamboo, these are monocots and in the family of grasses. This is reflected in the internal structure of plant which rather than having the traditional heartwood, growth rings and branches, is made up of structures that resemble quills, giving a beautiful, unique pattern. Sustainability rates highly for this veneer due to the fact that the trees reach maturity more quickly. At this moment in time the veneer is awaiting FSC certification. The veneer is manufactured by reconstituting the fibres into 1mm thick sheets which gives a high degree of uniformity across leaves and bundles. The high density of the fibres make for a very durable surface which finishes very well.